Year 9, 2015 has certainly been an enriching and fun experience, both inside and outside the classroom. Every lesson would not only enhance our knowledge, but forge stronger bonds between ourselves and our dedicated teachers.

This year, we were introduced to Commerce, where we learnt about real life situations to do with finance, law and employment, which was in many ways useful, especially for those reaching their 15th year of age and officially joining the labour force. We were also introduced to Information Software Technology, a very interactive subject where we got to fiddle with some neat software and even create our own movies. We resumed our History course, travelling all the way to chilly Canberra for a visit to the National Museum of Australia, rich with Australian history and artefacts, and the Australian War Memorial, where we paid our respects to those who participated in the wars. We saw things from convicts’ love tokens to propaganda posters, war planes, old photographs and rows of bright red poppies placed between wall panels, to acknowledge the thousands of names carved there. English, Science and Maths were business as usual… okay, maybe not. We engaged in many new, interesting and sometimes very complex topics like chemical equations, trigonometry and writing many structured paragraphs which undoubtedly, will be the foundations for us in our senior years.

In addition to classroom activities, Year 9 students participated in the various extra-curricular programs set up by the school, including public speaking, Mathematics competitions and a spelling bee. Although they were out of their comfort zones, they managed to pull through and try their utmost best. Year 9, 2015, was definitely a year full of new experiences and essays fun, and we look forward to the years to come!

Zena & Adam Ali