Was it the rooting of Pythagoras Theorem in Mathematics, the power of energy efficiency in Science, the satire of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in English, the miraculous environments in Geography, the production of a complete website in Technology, the new language of art in Music, the repetition of healthy lifestyles in PDHPE, or the education of our pure religion in Arabic and Islamic Studies, which was the highlight for the Year 8 students? 2015 has been a blessed year!

Apart from the crazy jump from being the little Year 7 students to the more derived Year 8 students, this year has shocked us with its surprises. We were kept on our toes with the immense load of class work, homework, assessments and assignments, but that didn’t stop us from navigating through many thrilling adventures. We were introduced to Music and Geography, which allowed us to explore beyond what initially appeared to be weird shapes on lines, as well as the issues affecting our environment.

Congratulations and compliments from our trip to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the Wildlife Park were a reflection on the Year 8 students’ engagement in activities. We displayed outstanding behaviour as we proudly wore the school uniform and shared a new experience together, to supplement and enhance our knowledge in Geography and Mathematics.

Throughout the course of the English unit, we read and analysed the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, along with its adaptation into a film. This gave Mrs Jalloul a brilliant idea; Year 8 would host a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ for the entire school as part of Literacy Week. We were heavily enlightened and excited as we decided which character to dress up as and what food to bring in. It also gave us a great opportunity to broaden our creative and planning skills. The tea party was an overall success, as the school enjoyed a variety of cakes and beverages.

Towards the end of Term 3, the Year 8 students made their final preparations as the day of camp came closer. They were all ecstatic for the moment when they could finally board the buses and begin their trip, especially for the girls who attended their first camp at Al Noori Muslim School. This wonderful experience was a great time of companionship and bonding, and allowed all students to enhance their Islamic qualities. I wish to personally thank everyone who made this possible and the teachers who were present in this delightful experience.

2015 has certainly been a roaring year and I’d like to sincerely congratulate the principal, Mr Kak, teachers, students and parents on the completion of another successful year.

Sabrine Mouslemani