‘Year 7 students opened new doors and entered a journey full of enlightenment’

In 2015, Year 7 students opened new doors and entered a journey full of enlightenment. After 4 terms, our hard work and strength has paid off and we are now making our way into Year 8.

At the beginning of the year, we all felt a mixture of emotions and we were concerned about whether or not we would survive our first year of high school. Some of us felt excited and happy, while others felt nervous and worried. When we look back at the hectic and fulfilling year that has passed, we all feel proud of our achievements and relieved that we made it!

When we started the year, the unexpected happened. High school was nothing like what we thought it would be. Initially, we were overwhelmed by the amount of homework, assignments and exams, but as the year progressed, we started to adapt to the changes. We were also encouraged to achieve our personal best as a result of the very high expectations set by our parents, teachers and school.

To balance our busy year with some fun, we went on an excursion to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour. We also took part in an Art incursion, which were educational and fun! Another event that we participated in was the Science Fair, which was full of fun, laughter and excitement. Camp was a highlight – Year 7 students had a wonderful time and had heaps of fun with our teachers and friends as we explored new things. Our sports program every Wednesday involved AFL and many other activities. We also participated in a Cricket Gala day, where Al Noori won!

Without our dedicated teachers, we could not have accomplished all that we have this year. On behalf of Year 7, I would like to thank our teachers for their hard work and support. We wish them all the best.

Ayah Dannoun