The year has flown by and year six has certainly been an adventure! The Year Six students started the year on a new campus, we were nervous at first but soon settled in to our new ‘home’. Our teachers worked hard to ensure that the transition went smoothly and we quickly felt at ease. We had more playground space, surrounded by tall eucalypt trees and quiet, spacious classrooms to study in.

In these surrounds we were certainly able to benefit from the best of what the Al Noori Campus has to offer. We had a fun-packed year, filled with excursions, incursions, fundraisers, competitions and lots of learning in between.

Let’s cast our minds back to some of the highlights of our year.

Everyone (students, parents and teachers) had a fabulous day at the annual Athletics Carnival event which took place in Week Seven of Term One. Great games and competitions (tug-of-war, sack races, track and field and more) combined with amazing weather (the sun shone brightly and a few of us even suffered a little sunburn!) and plenty of participants made for a memorable day. The Tug-of-War competition, of course, was hotly contested with teams vying for bragging rights for another year. Special thanks to the physical education department for organizing the Day’s activities and to the parents for their tireless efforts to help supervise the stadium.

Among the amazing excursions and incursions of 2015, we remember special visitors from the Guide Dogs Association who came to provide a highly informative session, which gave us an opportunity to explore what the world must be like for the vision impaired. For science we participated in MadLab, a creative workshop, where we made amazing mechanical machines! We also participated in numerous peer support activities during Anti Bullying Week; activities reminded us of the importance of showing care and kindness to each other and learning how to recognize and combat bullying behaviours which may be occurring in our classrooms and playground.

And who can forget the fundraisers we were involved in? We helped reach an almost unbelievable goal of $22,000 for medical equipment for Bankstown Hospital.  We also helped our high school students raise money for their special pilgrimage to Umrah.

Last but not least,  the grand finale, our incredible three day camp away from school, a plethora of wilderness survival activities such as abseiling, swimming and canoeing; we learnt new skills and challenged some of our biggest fears…spiders, homesickness and not having home cooked meals! An exciting camp with more campers than ever attending.  Some campers emerged as divas, others as bird lovers, some as artists and others as musicians. Friendships were forged and new strengths emerged along the way.

We had numerous other school programs with parents, teachers and students both keen to help. The annual Book Fair, Science Fair, School Iftar, Character Parade, Jeans for Jeans Day, Red Nose Day, Asia Day, Swimming and much more. And throughout it all we still worked hard to achieve our goals, study hard and excel in our exams.