Tick, tick, tick boom !!!!!! It is 28th of January 2015 and the sunlight is blazing through the window pane, shielding from the path of Al Noori. We dodge strokes of the sun and make our way to the promise land of life learning. The butterflies are now sinking into the pits of our stomach, going wild with somersaults and back flips that another year has fast approached without warning! Why, it was only yesterday that we farewelled 2014 scholars and their distinctive personalities? Now we are starting all over again, but with new characteristics and personas and boy, we were in for a ride of our life!! Year 5 is no easy feat and we knew that we were, yet again, in for a hard slog of perseverance, patience and amusement.

We kicked off with Term 1 by launching jam packed sessions and ensuring that we were able consolidate learning, enquiry, and somehow fun, fun, fun!!! More importantly, most if not all of the KLAs, intertwined like a vine trees wrapped around its host. We introduced students to persuasive and narrative writing with insurmountable uprise of talent with their creativity and imagination. The kids were then fuelled with Electrifying Electricity, which took them zooming back to how the good old days of imagining a world where you could not turn a light, a computer or phone, leading to the present days and the many innovations that has granted us an appreciation for our creature comforts. We also had the opportunity to open student’s minds by initiating to what it’s like to be part of a network and by default having the rights and responsibilities to be part of a community. Somewhere during Term 1, we were also able to welcome Healthy Harold and enlighten us with the effects of ingesting chemicals and peer pressure.

Then Term 2 had pounced upon us without cautioning, and NAPLAN had reared its head awaiting for our students to take on the challenge which they did head on and without fail, our Al Noori students proved to sit well above the National benchmark yet again! With this, we were able to extend the growing minds of students with all strands in maths, in particular, fractions and algebra. Concepts that we all need to guard us for life, right????? Students were also able to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whether that be body, mind and soul by integrating many hands-on scenarios to arm them for the present and future. In addition, what do you get when you incorporate Built Environment in Science, Antarctica and Rainforest (Term 1) in HSIE??? Well, a visit to Minnamurra Rainforest! Students were enthralled by what nature had to offer, experiencing a true rainforest feeling and its inhabitants. We were able to explore what makes a rainforest special and the connections to other environments such as simple as the fungi that depends on the forest ecosystem. We can’t forget to mention the exemplary behaviour exhibited by our extraordinary students.

So we thought that there wasn’t much that could top Term 1 and 2, boy were we wrong. Term 3 was filled with the Eid Festival, Science Fair, Book Character Parade, Camp and Asia Day! Have we forgotten anything else? With all these activities, we managed slip in, procedures and information reports, a cultural experience of Thailand and studying our solar neighbourhood and its exciting contents of our galaxy.

To conclude, without the support of parents and their love for success for their children would not be here. It has truly been a magnificent year working with and alongside a wonderful cohort of intelligent, exuberant and refined bunch of scholars who have shown nothing but hard work, drive and determination. With that said, a wrap up of the year cannot be complete with a colossal thank you to our dedicated and well respected teachers, Mr Masri, Mrs Muhrotra, Ms Sowaid, Mrs Sari, Mrs AbuSaleh and Ms Abdallah for the unrelenting work ethics and for imparting their world into our children’s world.