What a fantastic year it has been for the enthused Year 4 students of Al Noori Muslim School. This was an incredible year for engaging students in their learning. Students have been exposed to a diverse range of subjects that has developed their knowledge and understanding in ways that has been greatly valuable.

Term 1 provided students with the opportunity to learn about the Colonisation of Australia and how Australia was like before and after the British settlement, and how this affected the Aboriginal people. Students also got to explore Lifecycles and Environments which allowed students to grow their own bean plants in class, as well as study the lifecycle of mealworms where students took pleasure in watching the transformations of this insect.

Term 2 allowed students to explore Natural and Built Environments. We went on an excursion to the Blue Mountains where we got to see these different environments first hand. It was a fun excursion where students went on a bush walk and rode along the very high Cableway which had breath-taking mountain views. Students also travelled on a train down and back up a really steep mountain with rainforest views. This had certainly filled the students with exhilaration.

Students also learned how to play T-Ball this term. They practised their throwing and catching skills whilst wearing mitts, as well as their batting and swinging skills from hitting a ball off the Tee. Students demonstrated cooperation and team work skills as they played against each other in two teams, with one team fielding and the other batting. It is very important participate in physical activity, so we can live a healthy and active lifestyle.

We also encountered Ramadan this term. It was a great experience for students who were fasting to learn more about this holy month and its importance.

Term 3 was packed with some really fun-filled experiences. Year 4 students participated in a gymnastics program for the term which they really enjoyed. Students investigated and succeeded in a wide variety of movement experiences and challenges. This allowed them to develop many skills, demonstrate their control and explore the ways in which their bodies can move.

Asia was a focus we explored throughout the term. We looked at many different cultures and traditions Asian people have. This allowed us to examine the values of diversity and respect.

We can’t forget about Camp! Students went to Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre. Students were provided with active learning through fun and rewarding personal challenges in beautiful bushland settings. Students got to challenge themselves by learning about the importance of communication, decision-making, problem-solving, resilience, team building and leadership, through many physical and mental fun learning experiences.

Term 4 granted students the opportunity to take part in swimming experiences. The swimming program allowed students to explore water safety which related to what we learnt in Term 1 about safe living. It was great exercise and gave students a chance to participate in physical movement.

Well done to all the Year 4 students! We wish you the best of luck next year.