Year 3 2015 was a remarkable year. Thrilling, exciting, daunting, tiring, stressful, lots of work, high expectations but most importantly fun, fun, fun are all words that can truthfully describe the roller coaster that is ‘year 3’. Al Noori Muslim School has provided year 3 with numerous opportunities to participate in a range of stimulating activities including sports, incursions, excursions, home and school projects, quizzes as well as, meeting some special guests. 2015’s cohort of year 3 students has been extra special and a joy to have! Teachers have luckily been able to joyfully witness students participate in class, build new friendships and strengthen old ones, experiment, laugh, play and slowly shape into the future generation that will take over and lead us in the nearing future.

Initially, it took us some time to accept the reality of year 3. Lots of different factors played a role such as: a new stage that is crucial to any child’s schooling as they leave Stage 1 behind, the massive load of work, high expectations, unfamiliar buildings and staff and finally not forgetting the major concern that was NAPALN. As per normal we started our NAPLAN preparation in term one, writing countless number of expositions and narratives, utlilising a lot of practice materials, weekend classes, weekend homework and practice Naplan tests.

In term 1, Our HSIE and PDH programs were linked in somehow. In HSIE we learnt about goods and services with food and restaurants being obvious good examples of goods and services. At the end of the unit we enjoyed designing our own healthy menus and creating eye-catching advertisements. PDH unit was essentially about personal health choices and how they impact our bodies and life. A great contribution to our learning was the visit from healthy Harold as we had the chance to reflect and share what we learnt in PDH. In Science the unit was titled ‘is it Natural’, where we had learning experiences that enabled students to observe their environment around them. Through science, students were also able to make real world connections by learning, just how much we as humans actually take from the environment around us to produce processed materials necessary for our functioning.

In term 2, in HSIE we learnt about ‘Australia you’re standing in it’. We had the chance to learn about our significant sites and discuss the threats in order to think of strategies to protect it. The fun part was when students made posters in class to reflect their learning of strategies for protection and secondly, the excursion to the city. During the excursion students were taken on a guided tour around the rocks lead by an Indigenous elder, to explore some of the other hidden significant sites in our very own backyard. Furthermore, in May, we sat for the National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy. We had the chance to celebrate our hard work by having pizza day. We definitely enjoyed it.

In term 3, we explored the culture of India for HSIE and developed travel brochures. In learning about India we were provided with opportunities to explore their culture, significant places, customs, food and practices associated with Indian people. Shared reading book “Incredible India” explores India as a nation and study about; customs, food, diversity of Indian groups, places of religious and spiritual significance, some of traditional and religious stories, practices and beliefs. To celebrate our learning experience we had an Asia day, where we got to dress up in any Asian customs and enjoy tasty, spicy Asian meals with everyone at school. This term also saw students engage in the gymnastics program for sport. It was a great program and students participated in a range of interesting activities and games.

In term 4, we had the opportunity to attend swimming lessons and were able to either ‘sink’ or ‘swim’. Without a doubt we had a few champions there, watch out ‘Stephanie Rice’.  Students thoroughly enjoyed getting in the water and learning new skills! Students also explored ‘communities’’ in HSIE this term. Students analysed their communities around them and built homes reflecting their neighbourhood communities.

All thanks to our special hard working year 3 teachers who worked as one strong team: Ms Nasser, Mrs Shinnaq, Miss Rabahi, Miss El Chiekh, Miss Mohammed and Miss Tlais. Our teachers were very happy and impressed with each child’s growth and perseverance to overcome challenges and barriers faced.