This brief summary of our year is like the trailer movie, where you see enough to understand the story but the movie itself is a whole other experience. Mash Allah! This year has flown so fast, but they say time does fly when you’re having fun! Year Two has had a great time learning so much wonderful things this year. Hope you’re ready to hop on a magic carpet and take a look into what we were up to.

It all started in Term 1 with a time warp back to the past when students learnt about the past and present for HSIE. Students then completely changed their surrounding environments throughout Term 2 and 3 and have finally pushed and pulled their way through the finish line here in Term 4. It is simply amazing to see how far every single students has come and might we add, how much they’ve  grown.

An exciting part of this year was learning about mini beasts as students got to see all their favourite mini beasts come to life at Sydney Wildlife Park. This fun experience allowed kids to come face to face with her royal highness, we mean the Queen Bee of course. In Term 3, students buzzed all the way to Japan where they could dress up and enjoy an Asian cuisine. In Term 3, students also attended gymnastics where they went from pencils to soldiers on a motorbike (ask our students they will understand).

In the midst of all this action, students learnt about natural and man-made materials. It was delightful for Year 2 to be the first grade at Al-Noori getting up close and personal with an Australian farmer. No only did our Year 2 students get a feel of what it would be like on a cotton farm but they literally got to feel the cotton too. All of them went home with cotton seeds, some of which planted them and showcased their amazing little farmer skills.

Now as the year has come to an end it wouldn’t be right to leave without thanking all the staff, students, parents, relatives and guardians who have really made this year a memorable one. In mini beast language we’re trying to say thank you for helping our little Year 2 caterpillars blossom into remarkable butterflies. Now, it’s just time to watch them spread their wings and fly!