2015 was an exciting adventure. We worked our way through each term, scared of falling but determined to continue. People said year 10 would probably be the last year of freedom, fun and stress-free life. Overall, it was still a busy year! We understood and were constantly reminded of the importance of taking advantage of what we have, because many people around the world would give anything to have access to an education or are struggling to live another day.

A highlight this year was the Science Fair. The Science faculty worked for weeks on end, piecing together a day of food, mind wrenching rides, great fundraisers, and of course, Science. A trip to Sydney University and a staged presentation of Macbeth at the Opera House were also memorable events.

“What do you want to study at Uni?” It’s fair to say, we’ve all had our fair share of insisting questions which, for many of us, remain unanswered, even to ourselves. And as the year wore on, as assignments and examinations were tackled by many, and as the world around us experienced change at unprecedented levels, we too, have remoulded ourselves and our somewhat undecided paths to manifest a journey of success.

We may have pulled through another strenuous school year, and, quite bravely so, as with all others, but the years to come will really push and define limits. The years to come will foster great shifts and novelty. They are the years that will accommodate for fresh new senses within a vividly stimulating academia. They are the years that will, hopefully, bring about world geniuses.

Aisha Said/Nessrine Sankari