What a phenomenal year it has been for Year 1, 2015! The teachers are so very proud of you all and your accomplishments this year! You have all matured into responsible, respectful, hardworking young Muslims. The skills and attributes you have developed will guide you on your way to Year 2 insha’Allah.

This year was filled with fun, fun and some more fun! In English, we started off the year with recounts and descriptions relating to students’ experiences and nurturing the notion of self-expression through writing. Relating lessons to students’ experiences and interests proved to be an effective ingredient to the engagement recipe! Students took pride in their own work as each experience was unique and individual. Over the course of the year, we aimed to implement similar experiences to enrich students’ learning and the development of their writing skills through meaningful lessons.

Mathematics was very hands on all year. We created, we manipulated, we learnt! Through the use of concrete materials, we developed a foundational understanding of Math concepts to ensure our little Mathematicians continue to strive and prosper in the upcoming years of their primary education insha’Allah.

Through Science, we explored the human body and Allah’s beautiful creations. We had a blast leaning about living and non-living things, and cemented our understanding through our excursion to Taronga Zoo. There we learnt some more about the habitat and lifestyle of animals. It was great to see the students interact with their tall friends, the giraffes, and watch their aquatic friends, the seals, as well as the breathtaking birds, who put on two amazing shows for us.

Moreover, this year we focussed on safe living and healthy well-being and attempted to make them visible across several KLA’s to ensure students are aware being safe and healthy. We also took part in many fun experiences and programs such as Stamp Out Bullying, Healthy Harold, Vision Australia and Teddy Bear’s Picnic to nurture that developing understanding of always being safe and well. This was also extended through physical activity and sports, which were also a highlight of the year. Our Sports program was filled with energy and fun, which got the students exercising and moving like never before! From Dance to Gymnastics to Swimming lessons to the Athletics Carnival, physical activity rocked at Al Noori!

Other highlights of the year included the Book Fair which showed us all the true royalty our students possess through the King and Queens theme. As for the Character Parade, students really let their imagination and creativity shine! Everyone looked super cool and beautiful!

There is so much more to mention in such little space! In summary, this year had been absolutely amazing! Our Year Ones were truly spectacular! Parents, guardians and families have been remarkably supportive and awesome! And 2015… good bye to you! Bring on 2016, and Year Two! Good luck Little Ones! We will truly miss you!