Enrolling at Al Noori Muslim School involves a selective admittance process, where prospective students sit an entrance interview/test.

At Al Noori, we require commitment from all its community members; from management, teachers, parents and students. Our students are encouraged to be seekers of excellence in all fields of knowledge and in all aspects of character and manners. The selection process involves interviewing and assessing each student’s aptitude. However, equal opportunity for gender, ethnic background and representation of different nationalities are also considered. Enrolment process will comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 NSW. Siblings do not have any preferential treatment.

Admission is given on a yearly basis. Once enrolled, promotion to the next year is subject to good academic and behavioural standing.

Applications for entry into Kindergarten and the high school close at the end of term 2. Application forms can be collected from the administrative offices and must be lodged with all required documentation eg birth certificates, school reports and immunization records.

A $75 application form is payable upon submission of forms.