Wow! Graduation day is finally here. Sitting amongst my friends, dressed in my gown and cap, I reminisce about all the exciting events that experienced throughout Kindergarten from day one.

Excitedly wearing my new school uniform, holding my parent’s hand tightly, walking between tall buildings and entering through a wide door, shadows and echoes of children warping shapes and sounds; until my sweet teacher approached me with her warm voice welcoming me into her classroom.

Days went past, and I met new, kind friends, I was familiar with my school surroundings and most of all had so much fun playing in the playground. I also enjoyed reading and listening to interesting stories, adding and subtracting numbers and taking the role of an author to independently write great narratives.

My favourite part of the year was when I went to the farm with my classmates. I was involved in many activities such as milking Daisy the cow, watching Baaarbraa the sheep being sheered and riding the big noisy tractor.

During the year, I participated in various activities, including Athletics Carnival, swimming, gymnastics, Walk to School Safely Day, Character Parade and Asia Day. My favourite was the Eid Festival as I played on the amazing rides, ate delicious treats and got my face painted.

I cannot go past thanking Mr Kak and Mrs Elzahab for walking around the classrooms and looking at our work and amazing displays, the nurse for helping me when sick and all the hardworking Kindergarten teachers: Mrs Allam, Ms Hijazi, Mrs Bassal, Mrs Gainsford, Mrs Ahdab, Mrs Zarif and Mrs Jaggar. A big thank you goes to my parents and caregivers for helping me throughout the year with my homework, packing me a healthy lunchbox and keeping my clothes clean.

Bring on Year 1…