In relation to sport, this has been a busy year. In Term One, our boys and girls enjoyed a weekly sports program within the available venues. The girls made use of our new grass facilities, tennis courts, hall and table tennis room whilst the boys engaged in weekly sporting competitions including soccer, Oz tag, tee-ball and touch football.

Term One also saw the establishment of the Al Noori School Gym, which has enabled our students to enjoy the best of cardio and strength equipment available, while at school. Our Year 11 students have certainly enjoyed private use of the gym in Term Two during lunch time.

The gym has been welcomed by students and staff alike and Insha’Allah will in future be used outside school hours.

Despite the rain, the primary Athletics Carnival was conducted on the high school grounds with the help of our reliable Year 10 boys and girls, as well as our PDHPE staff who overlooked all activities on the day. The students did a fantastic job acting as role models for our primary students and putting a big smile on their faces.

In Term Two, our girls were given an opportunity to go to the National Sports Club to enjoy both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. They also had access to a ladies only gym, while the boys continued their program at Roberts Park.

In Term Three, students from Years 7 to 10 were involved in a weekly AFL program as part of their PDHPE unit of work and Insha’Allah they will be participating in Bashar Al Houli Cup early in Term Four. Our boys and girls were also involved in a soccer Gala day with other Muslim schools.

Insha’Allah 2015 will be even bigger and better.

Mr. Merheb

Sports Co-ordinator


In 2014, the PDHPE department fostered the learning, growth and development of our Year 7 to 10 students in both the theory and practical components. Students have engaged in various activities that have allowed them to better understand health with a holistic approach, by learning to incorporate and balance their physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual health.

The highlight for our PDHPE students has been the implementation of the AFL program in Term 3. With the help of the PDHPE teachers, this program was run by AFL NSW/ACT, specifically the GWS Giants, who promote multicultural sporting opportunities for male and female students.

This program allowed students to learn and develop new skills by introducing them to a game that the majority of students are inexperienced with. The coaches and PDHPE staff utilised the Game Sense approach in order to make learning more fun and engaging for all students (even for the ones who try to squirm their way out of PE and Sport lessons!!).

The coaches did a fabulous job of ensuring all students were treated with respect and were given equal opportunities to learn and implement the skills required to play modified games of AFL. The coaches were extremely impressed with the development of the students’ skills and with the overall enthusiasm to learn and participate in physical activity. The program has now created more opportunities for students to engage in AFL programs and competitions outside the schooling arena.

In addition to this, the PDHPE staff also selected four boys’ teams and three girls’ teams to compete in the first Muslim Schools Cricket Gala Day. The students had a fun and exciting day out competing against students from other schools. The girls’ teams won a number of games and the boys’ teams took out the finals, winning both the junior and senior divisions.

The PDHPE staff are excited about introducing more health and sporting opportunities for the students and staff at Al Noori Muslim School in the years to come.

Commerce / Business Studies

The study of Commerce allows our students to prepare for their future careers and lives. We cover a range of topics including; business, law, employment, retail and finance. As a result, they have developed their understanding and decision making skills on issues related to consumers, finances, businesses, law and employment.

The first Year 12 cohort of Al Noori are well into their HSC course. With the Year 11 course building a strong basis and foundation of understanding for their upcoming HSC, I would like to congratulate every student on their tremendous efforts and ambitious endeavours to achieve their absolute best.

The Year 11 Business Studies course was no walk in the park but rather an exciting, challenging and rewarding journey, shining a light on the reality of the business world. The students were introduced to the different areas that together form today’s business world including management, finance, marketing, operations and human resources.

By the end of the strenuous course, the students successfully delivered their own business plans, reflecting their sophisticated level of understanding. It also provided the students with rich understanding and insight into how a business is run, as well as outlining the personal and financial rewards of a successful business.

All the best Year 12, and remember; ‘the only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is you’.

Information Software Technology

Information and Software Technology allows students to explore issues which are affecting our rapidly changing society. Students investigate legal, social and ethical issues which have arisen with the widespread use of technology.

This subject also gives students the opportunity to learn about robotics, where students constructed and programmed a robot to perform a range of tasks.

Students then investigated digital media and its impact on our daily lives. They used a range of data types to develop an educational movie about a topic of their choice.

Finally, students learnt about multimedia. They had the opportunity to explore and use the online resource “Prezi” to develop a digital profile of themselves and their achievements.

Design & Technology

2014 has been an exciting year for students in Technology. Both grades were involved in a range of projects which had them researching, investigating and designing solutions.

In Year 7, students firstly had the opportunity to be structural engineers, designing and producing bridges which demonstrated a high level of skill and creativity. They then had the opportunity to learn cross-stitching techniques. Finally, they ended the year exploring graphic design strategies, using the computer to develop advertisements.

Students in Year 8 began the year exploring interior design techniques and how interior designers incorporate the elements of design to redesign rooms. Students then took on the role of website designers, designing a website for another student in the class. Finally, students in Year 8 took part in food technology, using the school’s new food technology lab, and exploring a range of cooking techniques.


Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Music is a universal language that speaks to all regardless of boundaries and borders. Music has been proven to assist with other subjects including Mathematics, English and Technology.

Year 8 have been engaged in Music classes throughout 2014 as part of the mandatory requirements in Stage 4 Education. Lessons in Music have been thoughtfully structured to cater for all learner types utilising technology and stipulated resource materials available.

Year 8 boys and girls have developed their skills in keyboard playing, specifically learning how to read, write and perform on piano keyboards. Students have enjoyed learning about various instruments, including those from other cultures and immersing themselves in diverse musical genres. Year 8 have composed, produced and performed confidently, demonstrating mature decorum with sensitivity to global issues and Islam.

Term 3 was particularly insightful into the creative minds of the students with small groups expected to write, produce, perform and film an original work based on rap music ideas. Students delivered strong pieces of music exploring world topics and ideas affecting disadvantaged people and minority groups suffering persecution. Their rap projects were submitted and have formed part of their assessable work for 2014.

I am personally very proud and honoured to have worked with Year 8 throughout 2014. I look forward to next year’s challenges and responsibilities at Al Noori Muslim School. I want to congratulate the fine effort made by all Year 8 students and the maturity they have shown in taking their Music studies seriously. The success of Creative Arts is continuously possible with the support of parents and the entire school community.


Mr Sgammotta

Visual Arts

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun!’ - Albert Einstein

Having fun is exactly what we did in Year 7 Visual Arts this year. Using our imaginations and a range of other materials, Miss Vassallo and the Year 7 students covered a broad range of artistic areas including; drawing, cartooning, architecture, mosaics, painting, sculpture, photography, filmmaking and graphic design, self-portraits, super heroes, Islamic mosaics and architecture, Claymation films and graphic design products.

It’s been an exciting, colourful and imaginative year displaying the artistic and creative talents of all students. The highlight of our year was the Claymation filmmaking day during Term 3. Students created clay puppets and used stop motion photography to create short films. This was definitely a day where our intelligence was having a lot of fun.

The Year 7 Art classes have demonstrated such amazing skills and talents in Creative Arts, decorating the walls of the schools with bright, colourful and creative masterpieces.

“Creativity is…

Taking risks
Making mistakes
And having fun.”
                 – Mary Lou Cook

And in 2014, that’s exactly what we did!


Geography is an all-encompassing discipline that seeks to understand the world - its human and physical features - through an understanding of place and location. Students study where things are and how they got there. Geography looks at the spatial connection between people, places, and the earth.

Stage 4 Geography is a field of study which gives students opportunities to critically assess the ideas and opinions of others and to form and express their own ideas and arguments. In doing so, it forms a basis for active participation in community life, ecological sustainability, creating a just society, promoting intercultural understanding and lifelong learning. Through the study of civics and citizenship, students develop knowledge of the decision-making processes that exist at a variety of scales, which informs them of ways they can participate as responsible and informed members of society.

In Stage 5, students study aspects of Australia’s population. Through the study of Australia’s demography, students reveal patterns of a growing, multicultural and ageing population. Geographical issues affect all parts of Australia’s environment— both physical and human. Our students take the role to investigate where and why these geographical issues occur, consider the views and opinions of people about the issues, and formulate management solutions to them.


“Every day of your life is but a page in your history” Arabian Proverb

Have you ever wondered from where you have come and to where you are heading? How empires come and go, rise and fall, perchance that one day you will become a great leader? And that too…what encompasses a great leader? What has become of those who roamed the earth with might and power? Have we taken heed of the lessons of the past to ensure the right choices are made for the future? Our history students delve into these inquiries and more in their quest of exploration into the human past, a past that they realise they have connection to…being human.

Our Year 7 students unfold the mysteries of their own pasts to create time capsules, remembering and recollecting cherished moments of their past, why they were important and discover who they are in the process.
Without a history, you have no identity. And so our Year 7’s discover and explore the worlds of the ancient past and medieval societies, fascinated by the fact that the rise of the Islamic civilisation ruled the world and laid the foundations of many of the subjects they study. Thus, their identities were coming to be defined in the greater scheme of past narratives. Inspired by past Muslim historical figures, they are to play a positive role in shaping the history of future generations.

Whilst the Year 9’s grappled with the more troublesome periods of time, asking some fundamental questions – what led to the First World War and why did the world fall again into a second World War? Are we falling into the same mistakes of the past and can the world survive another war? In their explorations and investigations, the Year 9’s took on the role of a United Nations representative and proposed strategies to make the world a safer place, and resolve conflicts and oppression.
They walked down the road of the freedom fighters throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to realise what it takes to leave a lasting legacy and contribute to positive change in the world. In their quests and explorations of these great figures of the past, the Year 9’s resolved to aspire to greatness as well. And in the words of Malcom X, they ponder…
“To the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Year 10’s found themselves dealing with ‘different stuff’ this year - questioning the validity of historical fiction, digging up the past with archaeology, discovering the most heroic and villainous people in history. The Year 10’s also witnessed the unfolding of uprisings and revolutions. Every moment and time period wasn’t left undiscovered, like curious detectives Year 10 uncovered truths and hidden facts from the world that hadn’t been considered for hundreds and thousands of years. The highlights of Year 10 History included myth busting documentaries, uncovering the mysterious character King Arthur, ground breaking artefacts from the volcanic areas of Pompeii and even becoming historical figures themselves. Year 10 didn’t just study History, they made history!

Arabic and Islamic Studies

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “Seek the knowledge from the cradle to the grave” - this is the value of learning in Islam.

The Arabic language is regarded as the language of the holy book, Al-Quraan, the Sunnah and the hadeeth. It is the only language that has remained preserved in its original form for centuries across the long history of humanity.

Here at Al Noori Muslim School, we teach the language from a basic to an advanced level. We are also trying to maintain the concepts of this language and make it enjoyable.

This year was a great success! We had the opportunity to teach children about practical situations and daily life. Students learnt about energy and jobs in the community and these topics were integrated with other subjects and units.

This year, Year 8 had the opportunity to write their Arabic narratives about life’s experiences, particularly within the ‘Shopping’ and ‘Healthy Food’ units. They presented their narratives and shared their ideas in groups, strengthening their level in Arabic.

It is vital to learn the language through which our students discover our religious principles.

We wish our students all the success in learning the Arabic language, in order to pass it on to upcoming generations and spread the words of Allah (swt) to others.


This year, our students have continued to demonstrate their great mathematical ability and have successfully produced impressive results.

During Numeracy Week, students participated in the Mathematics Race, Guessing Competition and Pi Competition. Winners of the competitions received gift vouchers, whilst the winners of the Mathematics Race were invited to a school luncheon. Also, in celebration of Numeracy week, Year 7 students travelled to the Wildlife Park and Sydney Aquarium, where they solved a variety of questions and used their reasoning and communication skills to interpret real-life problems. Year 8 students have been busy modelling different types of random selections and Year 9 successfully answered HSC questions in groups. Year 10 combined their building resourcefulness and their mathematical ability to produce models as part of the ‘Surface Area’ and ‘Volume’ topics.

2014 marked the beginning of a 2 year journey for our Year 11 students; a difficult one at times. However, it is a very rewarding, enriching and self-satisfying journey that builds character as they acquire knowledge, which will ultimately produce lifelong learners. Our Year 11 cohort have now finished the preliminary course and have started the HSC course.

During the year, our Year 11 students powered through arithmetic, perfected surds, quadrisected equations, identified trigonometry and normalised calculus. The extension 1 students solved inequalities, divided intervals, encompassed circle geometry, combined permutations and combinations, and factored in polynomials.


2014 has been a very exciting year for the Science faculty. Our students entered the 2014 ASTA + NZASE Education Perfect Science Championships. Due to the extremely solid effort by our students, Al Noori Muslim School has achieved the following great results:

Fourth overall globally out of 787 schools.
* Third overall in Australia out of 572 schools.

* First in Australia for the 251-500 students category out of 173 schools.

A few days before Science Week, our school was invited to attend the launch of the Australian Museum Science Festival on the 15th of August. Our SRC members represented the school and enjoyed the launch.

On the 25 – 29th of September, our school took part in Science Week. On Monday, Shell Questacon Science Circus presenters visited the school and presented lively and energetic scientific shows. The shows covered a wide range of topics for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students. Students who participated in the programme at school received a free ticket to attend the Shell Questacon Science Circus hands-on exhibition.

Scientific video tapes were shown in the hall during recess and lunch on Tuesday to Thursday. On Wednesday, Doctor Ahmed Youssef, a medical practitioner, spoke to all the students about healthy eating and the importance of sun exposure for vitamin D.

Hands-on science activities, food stalls, competitions and amusement rides can mean only one thing - a Science Fair! On Friday, the school hosted a Science Fair. Students from Years 5 to 10 carried out experiments in the hall under the supervision of their teachers. Sister Ismat Hamaoui, a midwife, and her daughter Zeinab, a medical student, measured students' blood pressure, metabolic rate and calories.

The Science Fair included a range of stalls and activities including sweet stalls, a variety of food stalls, amusement rides, face painting, sack races, balloon races and basketball competitions. The school grounds were full of excitement and joy as hundreds of students enjoyed their day. Alhamdulillah, the fair was an outstanding success! Students and teachers had a great day.

Science Faculty


"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 2014 English department knew they'd be in for yet another challenge this year, but nothing could prepare them for the reality they would face as technologically advanced Generation Z entered their classrooms. Alas, technology had consumed their students; "youse" was a common occurrence that left English staff cringing. They knew of only one way to resolve the grammatical glitch – inundate students with opportunities in English – and this they did!

In Term 1, two students from Al Noori were selected to represent the school at the Sydney Morning Herald's Plain English Speaking Competition. Year 11 student Maryam Nachabe and Hasan Mohammed from Year 10 did the school proud, presenting speeches that dealt with provocative and interesting topics to engage an audience from around the Bankstown Region. Hasan's speech proved too captivating, earning him a place in the quarter finals, as well as the semi-finals! Well done, Maryam! Congratulations, Hasan!

Also in Term 1, Al Noori's Year 10 student Hashir Khan submitted a short story to the National 'Write 4 Fun' Competition. His story, entitled 'Refugees', was selected as a runner up. Hashir Khan will have his story published in an anthology of student work. Congratulations, Hashir. You can also find Hashir's story at the following webpage:

This year marked the first year Al Noori established its very own debating team. Under the direction of Ms Jalloul, a number of students from all grades made a commitment to attend weekly debating meetings regarding modern day issues and the Australian government. It was definitely a successful initiative that trained students to become efficacious debaters with hopes of partaking in a number of upcoming debating competitions.

Alnoorians understand the importance of literacy and take the opportunity to celebrate and advance it in our school each year during National Literacy and Numeracy Week. Several activities were organised to engage students and promote both written and oral literacy.

We started the week off in the library with the book fair, where Mrs El Sheikh, the high school librarian, had carefully selected popular and classical novels, and non-fiction texts to suit our students. Students were invited to write book reviews and submit them for the perusal of their peers. Year 8 hosted "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party" to fit in their study of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, after all Alice did have quite a bit of cake during her riddle-solving and arithmetic-unravelling week in Underland! After that, students buzzed their way through a spelling bee only to land in the most challenging competition of them all: The Public Speaking Competition. Students were given a topic on the spot with only 10 minutes to prepare before presenting in front of an audience. We had a couple of students drop out but the rest made it through and it certainly was flabbergasting to see them deliver their speeches so well and with so little preparation. Winners and runners-up of each competition were awarded Westfield and Smiggle vouchers for their efforts. Congratulations to all students who participated in the different activities this year and Inshallah we will see more of you participate next year.

Many highlights took place in Term 3. On Wednesday 6th August, Year 10 students set off to the Playhouse Theatre at the Sydney Opera House to see Shakespeare's classic play, 'Macbeth'. It was decided by all that the play was fresh and dynamic, leaving us all spellbound from the moment the house lights were dimmed.

Year 7 student Ayah Dannoun submitted a poem about a talismanic object to the 'Red Room Poetry Object' Competition. Great effort, Ayah!

The English department would like to congratulate a valued staff member, Ms Hussein on the birth of her baby girl and thank her for her efforts in 2014. We would also like to welcome Ms Salma, an exceptional addition, on board our hardworking team.

We look forward to 2015!

English Department

Ms Jalloul, Mrs Jalloul, Mrs Hagemrad, Ms Hussein and Ms Salma

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