Another year and another beautiful Ramadan has come and gone. This time however, the students of Al Noori Muslim School indulged themselves in a plethora of rewarding activities; Islamic talks were given by the Circle of Light group about Quran or the Sahabah, as well as general recitation of the Holy Quran in the hall. Of course, there were a minority who did not realise that these undertakings were blessings in disguise, all of us, fortuitously were able to acquire a great deal of reward.

Being the month of giving, the donations for the Orphan Sponsorship Program were copious and since the rewards for charity are multiplied, it paid off to be jannah-rous (generous).

The School Iftar was a significant night for the Al Noori community, as they were able to come together to celebrate the many blessings of the holy month. The school managed to host a fundamental and worthwhile event that allowed the students to get the best out of Ramadan and with another one forthcoming, it’s back to the drawing board.

Hashir Khan

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