Boys Camp

The boys’ camp this year was held on Monday the 22nd – Wednesday 24th September at the Berry Sports and Recreation Centre, which is a wonderful site two hours south of Sydney.

Our boys were accompanied by Mr. Merheb, Sheikh Khaled, Mr. Kamaz, Mr. Sgamotta and Mr. Niazi. The theme of the camp was “Loving Allah and His Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)” and a number of small reminders were prepared and given by our Year 10 students after daily prayers.

Students also enjoyed a variety of recreational and sports activities such as canoeing, giant swing, soccer, cricket, touch, basketball and last but not least, the grand dodge ball tournament, which was one of many highlights.

The camp also catered for our students’ spiritual needs as we had a number of istighfar sessions, as well as the beautiful Quran recitations by Sheikh Khaled around the campfire and short reminders after every prayer.
The boys behaved really well and we received a lot of praise by the instructors and the managers on site. Thank you to all who assisted and participated in this year’s camp and we are looking forward to next year Insha’Allah.

Girls Camp

The Al Noori High School girls’ camp took place on Wednesday, 24th September- Friday 26th September 2014. The aim of the student camp was to enjoy the company of our peers, participate in sports and other planned activities and most importantly to participate in spiritual activities. The theme of the camp this year was “Loving Allah and His Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)”. The girls were able to enjoy several activities during the stay including canoeing, mini-Olympics (where the teachers’ team came last ) and the giant swing. We enjoyed a three-day break from technology and discussed the disadvantages of social media and overuse of phones around the campfire. Some of the girls shared their own stories and recognised the fitnah (problems, distress) associated with the misuse of social media.

We also had the privilege of participating in the Qiyaam or night prayer. The girls received a talk on the benefits and rewards associated with this prayer and proceeded to wake up at 3:30am to pray their 8 units plus witr and supplicate to Allah until it was time for Fajr.

The first night was certainly a drag for us teachers as the girls kept us up until the early hours of the morning. However, we learnt from that experience, sought some advice from the expert camp instructors and on the second night, a bedtime curfew was imposed at 9:30. Of course some girls did not take heed and the punishment was exacted! The girls of ‘Room 12’ (you know who you are!) were taken in a single file to the courtyard for 20 push-ups, 50 star jumps and 2 jogs around the yard! It was much enjoyment for Lieutenants Jalloul and Sindian and it seemed it was for the curfew-breakers as they laughed their way silly through the whole ordeal.

Overall, an enjoyable time was had by both students and teachers, although the most interesting aspect of the camp was the homesickness a lot of the girls were experiencing as they missed their mums in particular, and were keen to get back home.